Sushi & Sashimi Workshop-Sydney Cookery school

Sushi & Sashimi Workshop-Sydney Cookery school

Hideo Dekura

So I started my day with focusing on one thing, keep it simple. Started the morning with some wonderful Japanese green tea followed by a brisk walk, one cold filtered coffee and three oysters later made it to the Seafood School at fish market in Sydney. Sushi & Sashimi workshop with Hideo Dekura was today’s task and what an experience we had.

The school itself it based above the Sydney fish Market, so ideal for our lesson from a sushi master.  The session took the structure of a demo in the purpose-built teaching theatre, followed by a hands on segment in the fantastic kitchens, with us performing some of the skills and techniques that had been explained.

Hideo Dekura was such an interesting character and full of such amazing knowledge on Japanese cooking and culture. As a complete novice to Japanese food it was very interesting hearing Hideo talk about Japanese basil, Japanese watercress and the very common use of rice wine vinegar which I was unaware of.

His obvious respect of all things Japanese, were intersected with snippets of Australian colloquialisms, where he has lived for many years now.  This made the lecture/demo both light-hearted and informative.

Hideo talked in such depth on preparing the fish. He gutted the fish with such care and attention to these marvellous creatures of the sea, always stressing how important it was to clean the fish after gutting, and with a damp clean cloth and not running it under the tap. “Please remember keep your fish dry and as clean as you can.”

We watched as he expertly filleted, skinned and precisely cut tuna, kingfish, garfish will the knife skills of a sushi samurai. He made a variety of sushi and sashimi and also a great little traditional Kyoto style asparagus omelette ( see pic)


His dishes are both elegant and accessible due to their seemingly simplicity, which we now know after watch his preparation is not the case, the skill level of this guy was mind-blowing, a true master at work.

There was such and beauty in watching Hideo work so simple and well executed it was an amazing day and whole heartily recommend it to any one how is interested in Japanese cuisine. The worksheet the fish school gave us was fanatic, full of recipes, basic Japanese ingredients & equipment. When we finished the day Hideo books where available to purchase, I could not keep my eyes off “eat with you hands sushi for kids” what a great introduction to such simple food. Thank you and enjoy x

The Gentleman & The Rogue


A Rogues Breakfast


Poached Eggs (fresh is key)

Sourdough (plain, oiled or buttered)

Smoked Streaky Bacon but if you are vegetarian replace to pork with a small sprinkling of smoked paprika.

Sautéed spinach with garlic, black pepper and nutmeg

fresh rosemary. Low heat in the oven and finish under the grill to get some colour and of course flavor.

Serve with a few shavings of Parmesan, slice of lemon and if you can find it unfiltered extra virgin olive oil or harissa paste.

And any rogue out there, breakfast would not be complete with out a beer, so I would suggest a fruity citrus IPA and today went with a Hop Hog IPA from the Feral Brewing company.

If you’re not that much of a rogue in the mornings then could I suggest fresh pressed Orange, lemon and ginger juice topped up with your favourite sparkling or soda water.

Enjoy x

The Gentleman


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So sit back, relax and enjoy ride, as much as we do !!!!

The Gentleman & The Rogue enjoy x